Why soapnuts?
Are they really nuts?

The name Soap Nut is misleading for it is the shell that actually works. The soap nut SHELL contains and releases the saponins (soap) when it comes in contact with warm or hot water.  Agitation or rubbing further releases these saponins. The saponins then circulate as a natural surfactant (surface active ingredient). They break down the surface tension between water and oil in the wash water reducing the surface tension of the water aiding it in freeing dirt, grime and oils not only from clothes but also every surface. Essentially this is the exact same fundamental principle that applies to how most detergents and soaps work. It's simply not achieved via the use of synthetic chemicals.


The name saponin is derived from the Latin word 'sapo', which means soap. There are many plants around the world that are saponaceous (meaning that they contain saponins) but only a few, are known to produce appreciable amounts. Hence, this is why soap nuts are so very special in their ability to be an effective cleanser - directly from the tree. Our Thailand grown Sapindus Rarak trees have been found to produce the highest and most consistent quality soap nuts.


Ready for use by the end user directly from harvest, extraction of the saponin from the soap nuts requires nothing more than putting them directly in the washing machine in warm water. Drawstring bags are perfect to contain the soap nut shells, and the shells can be reused until their saponin content has been depleted. Given that the saponins are naturally a low sudsing detergent, they are ideal for high efficiency (HE) washers and even carpet cleaners.

PugPui in the Thai language means furball.
Most of our products in PugPui line are inspired to our beautiful Pomeranian "whiskey," our furball.
He enjoys free chemical products with soapnuts for years already, and he seems to appreciate them.
Our products are not only for dogs but also for cats and horses. We dedicate our passion for all our "furballs" at home with this organic, 100% chemical free products.  Soap nuts also have a natural insect repellent property so not only will your pets be naturally cleaned they’ll be less likely to attract various pests such as fleas, ticks, and lice again. The natural antifungal properties of soap nuts are perfect for pets with skin irritations, rashes, and hot spots or unpleasant odours.
The soap nuts based liquid "Pet area cleaner" is also ideal for washing pet bedding and eliminate unfriendly odours.




These are our tips for Bathing Long hair dog. In between trips to the groomer, regular bathing is essential. Dirt and debris can weigh down your dog's coat and create tangles. A high-quality dog shampoo free of chemicals will leave your dog's coat clean every single time. Rinse to ensure a silky-smooth coat that is free of tangles. When you are going through the process of bathing your dog, make sure to work the shampoo and water in well with your fingers, so the entire coat is cleaned

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organic nano shampoo for dog with long hair

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