DOG SHAMPOO-Short hair and sensitive skin

Ideally, short-haired dogs should bath once a week. We do know that many old school dog owners still follow the timeless motto of "bathe your dog only when he needs it" rule. We think times have changed. Dogs are sleeping in our beds now, going for walks and traveling with us; you've also got to remember they don't wear shoes. Plus, bathing your dog weekly removes dead hair and dander and moisturizes your dog's skin and coat.

Before bathing your dog, brush your dog thoroughly with a bristle brush first. This pre-bath step will help loosen and remove dead hair plus loosen dry skin flakes and dander. The shampoo can penetrate and moisturize your dog's skin during the bathing process.

Choose our gentle and natural shampoo that rinses easily and leaves no residual stickiness behind

Our tips for Bathing Shorthair dog & Sensitive skin. 

Paw Pads

Look for dryness, cracks, or cuts on your dog's paw pads and moisturize as needed. If your dog's paws are dry and cracked, I will moisturize them with paw cream daily. For cuts, keep the area clean. If your dog is licking at the specific area or you notice his paw cut is getting worse, it’s time to schedule a vet visit.


Now, take a peek and sniff in your dog's ears. You should see healthy light pink skin, and your dog's ears should be odor-free. If you see debris and it smells yeasty or foul in your dog's ears, it's time for a veterinary check-up.




( 3.8lt refill ) organic nano shampoo for dog with SHORT HAIR & SENSITIVE SKIN

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