Caballus Organic Horse Shampoo


Organic Shampoo For Horse - a meticulously crafted formula infused with the goodness of Soapnuts and Turmeric. Our shampoo boasts a gentle, chemical-free composition, expertly designed to efficiently cleanse away impurities, dirt, sweat, and grime while eradicating unwanted odors. Furthermore, it nourishes both the skin and coat, leaving your horse not only impeccably clean but also revitalized and refreshed.


1,000 ml. 1 Liter Refill 3.8 Liters 5 Liters 25 Liters

Categories : Horse

Brand : Caballus


Experience the excellence of our organic horse shampoo, meticulously crafted with natural ingredients such as buffalo beads and turmeric. This chemical-free formula offers a gentle yet effective solution for removing dirt, sweat, and stains, while also neutralizing odors. Moreover, it goes beyond cleansing by providing nourishment to enhance the overall health of your horse's skin and coat

Eliminate the issue of matting

  • Assists in nourishing the hair, resulting in softness, shine, and ease of combing, preventing matting across the entire body.

Reduce inflammation of skin disease

  • Derived from high-quality soapnuts and turmeric extracts, this formula effectively inhibits fungal and bacterial growth, promotes wound healing, reduces skin inflammation, and fosters the health of both skin and hair.

Distrubing insects are reduced

  • The incidence of bothersome insects significantly diminished following the initial application of the shampoo.

Gentle on both the eyes and skin

  • Safely and gently eliminates dirt using an all-natural formula, devoid of harsh detergents like SLS and SLES, as well as allergenic and irritant chemicals including parabens, silicones, alcohol, and etc.

  • Soapnuts
  • Turmuric


Wet your horses' coat with water. Next, apply the Cabullus shampoo to the horse's body, including the mane, shoulder blades, and tail, using a damp sponge, brush, or scrub mitt. Massage the shampoo into the horse's coat for a minimum of 5 minutes. Afterward, ensure a thorough rinse and, if desired, gently towel dry your horse

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